For the first time, I felt a substantive basis to hope for my practice success. Now I know how to get Dental Patients. – Dr. Steve – North Carolina
20 years in practice and never knew how to get New Patients. Finally, we have a real Marketing Strategy. Thanks for helping me invent my practice future. – Dr. Robert – Las Vegas
I wish I had met Greg Jack 10 years earlier. Thanks for teaching me Dental Success. – Dr. Tom – Chicago
If you want to double collections, call New Patients Unlimited and double your New Patients through Greg. – Dr. Jim – California
We multiplied the number of new patients and collections on our newly purchased practice. Thanks! – Dr. Jeff & Dr. Kim – Idaho


Capacity Companies got its in 1982 years ago under just one brand.  We’ve grown over the years and have developed into 6 unique businesses operating under the Capacity Companies brand, and all with one goal: helping practice owners develop and grow their business.

From practice management consulting and coaching to marketing strategies, and from adding an associate dentist to practice transitions, Capacity Companies has the right people, with the right answers, waiting to help you.  Each division of Capacity Companies is compiled of experts in their field who are armed with the tools and experience to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Our primary goal is to help you develop and grow your practice.  For more information on how we can help your practice, visit Our Companies pages.

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