For the first time, I felt a substantive basis to hope for my practice success. Now I know how to get Dental Patients. – Dr. Steve – North Carolina
20 years in practice and never knew how to get New Patients. Finally, we have a real Marketing Strategy. Thanks for helping me invent my practice future. – Dr. Robert – Las Vegas
I wish I had met Greg Jack 10 years earlier. Thanks for teaching me Dental Success. – Dr. Tom – Chicago
If you want to double collections, call New Patients Unlimited and double your New Patients through Greg. – Dr. Jim – California
We multiplied the number of new patients and collections on our newly purchased practice. Thanks! – Dr. Jeff & Dr. Kim – Idaho

Our Companies

Capacity Companies is comprised of 6 unique businesses, each designed to help practice owners to develop and grow their practices.

New Patients Unlimited

New Patients Unlimited began in 2013 with the goal of providing a new solution to a common problem: how to successfully market your dental practice.  We are a division of Capacity Management, which has been in the consulting industry for over 30 years and has a proven track record of increasing profitability.  Our approach is business oriented and dedicated to improving your bottom line.  During our 30 years consulting dental practices, dentists have listed Marketing as one of their top concerns.  Successful marketing increases new patients and grows your practice.

Capacity Management

Capacity Management consultants have helped build some of the best practices nationwide for over thirty years. We have helped thousands of practices double in size and profitability. The CM Team knows that a practice will never naturally rise above the practice culture and/or the doctor’s true leadership talent and nature. That is why you will receive seven core personal shifting teachings that will help you be aware and feel differently about money, self, and leadership. Personal development is essential to a successful practice. Capacity Management will deliver these trainings via various types of media. The topics are generally head-space or personal change driven. You will find these concepts common in all successful businesses and practices.

Master Team Builders

Inspiring Mail

With Inspiring Mail, you are not dealing with a faceless company. You get a professional partnership with a dedicated account manager that will be your point of contact throughout your time with our business. Beyond your account manager, our entire team is involved with every one of our clients. We understand everything it takes to get measurable and predictable results that will go above and beyond the industry standard using direct mail.

Dialogue Master

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